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Fresh bread, cakes and pastries baked all day.

The master bakers at the Bakehouse hand make our white bread which is been matured for 30 hours, providing a wonderful flavour and long lasting freshness with no additives, and the delicious brown breads are made with wholemeal flour.  To complete the process, the breads are then baked in authentic stone ovens for their traditional taste. 

Doughnuts and morning goods are made from a slow 18 hour method enabling natural flavours and textures to develop in their own time, providing the best possible texture and taste. 

And if the thoughts of these handmade breads and pastries are making your mouth water, then why not drop into the Bakehouse today for a made to order mid-morning or lunchtime treat?

Fresh breads and baguettes baked on the premises can be filled with all manner of wonderful fillings, ranging from simple salads to fresh hog roast and apple sauce. 

About Our Bakery

The Bakehouse is a multi-award winning bakery located in Brockenhurst, the heart of the New Forest National Park.

Our cakes, pastries and breads are freshly made each morning by our master bakers, using traditional methods to deliver great tasting baked goods.

To create great quality filled sandwiches, baguettes and crusty rolls, we need great quality ingredients and this is why we source the Ham, Sausages & Pork from our local Village Butcher and the salads from our local Green Grocers, Village Veg

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Pasties, Pies & Turnovers

We pride ourselves on our great tasting Pasties and Sausage Rolls which are made fresh every day with beef and free range pork which is also sourced from our village Butchers.


The best cakes & treats for all occassions.


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